5 Home Improvement Tips for February | YoChicago Realtor Sonia

5 Home Improvement Tips for February | YoChicago Realtor Sonia

5 Tips for Home Improvement just like we maintain our health it is important to also keep up with our home. Even if you are not ready to sell it’s super important to keep your home from falling apart.

5 Home Improvement Tips for February

Thanks for joining on this video, I want to give you the top 5 tips for home care:

1. Downspouts
Make sure that your downspouts on the outside that’s attached to the gutters are away from your home and away from the foundation. Otherwise, they’re going to start leaking, the water will start dripping and you will have seepage into your basement. So keep it clear and free of debris.

2. Rotted Wood
Use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around your windows because sometimes that does get rotten over time, especially if you’re a long time home owner. Make sure that that’s not rotted wood.

3. Clean Flue
If you have a chimney, make sure your flue is clean even though you might not be ready to sell or anything. The first thing that most home inspectors with their home buyers will check is that flue is clean and it’s working properly.

4. Cracks
If you have any cracks in the basement and the foundation of your home over time as gravity starts pulling and rotation of the earth, you start to get cracks in the foundation of your home. You’ll see it more when you have an unfinished basement but you’ll want to get a concrete crack filler or silicon filler and start filling that in to keep your home in tip top shape.

5. Loose Gutters
If you have any loose or leaky gutters, make sure that you maintain those as well especially as spring time starts coming in and all that rain that you get in April and May.
These are the top tips for February. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or subscribe. Thanks!

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