Bathroom Renovation and Water Treatment

The renovation of the bathroom is one of the most demanding and complex works when it comes to home adaptation. In today’s fast and stressful life, the room which prior function was providing basic hygienic conditions, is partially taking the features of the living room and bedroom, and is transforming into an intimate zone that has to be functional and well designed, but also must ensure all the prerequisites for rest and relaxation.

It’s pretty tricky to renovate only one part of the bathroom, except when it comes to replacement of the furniture. Any other repair requires certain works, like demolition or drilling the walls, so with the adaptation, it is easier to make a whole renovation. The torn pipe, for example, demands lifting or separation of the plates. Changing of the bathtub also requires complex construction work, which all eventually opens up the opportunity for the whole renovation. If the change of the position of the installation is required, these works are first in line. Sanitation schedule may change but in certain conditions. For example, the significant distance between the elements and vertical drain can cause slow water runoff and frequent clogging.

The bathroom lighting is crucial and requires a lot of planning, especially when it comes to a small bathroom or the one with no windows. It is best to solve it with different lighting: above, on or next to the mirror, embedded in the ceiling, etc. Setting the lighting next to the mirror provides the best light and minimizes shadows. It is important to have general lighting that illuminates the entire space, but also the discreet lighting that creates pleasant atmosphere during the bath time.

It is also necessary to think of the solutions for heating, as well as the ventilation. In most bathrooms, the heating is solved with a radiator in the form of a ladder, which is a highly functional solution, but in recent years, the under floor heating is becoming more and more popular. When it comes to ventilation, if there is no natural one, it is necessary to resolve it with a fan, which will draw moist air from the room.

One of the things to especially consider when renovating the bathroom is the whole house water filter that is installed on the main water line. In its initial phase, sediment pre-filter stops the unnecessary sediments from entering water pipes and is improving the taste and clarity of your water. After passing the first filter, the water goes through an activated carbon filter and prevents the chlorine and heavy metals from spreading in the water pipes. It also keeps the pipes from bacteria, algae, and other dirt. For the most people, safety and cleanness of water are the biggest concern. With the whole house water filter systems, they can be sure it won’t be a problem, and that every faucet in their home will deliver pure and healthy water.

When you have solved the fundamental architectural barriers, at least in theory, it is time to select the floor and wall coverings. These materials should be waterproof and easy to maintain. Classical solution is, of course, the ceramic tiles. A lot of stores also offer ceramic tiles that mimic stone and wood. The standard solutions are changing due to new user needs and provide big progress regarding functionality and comfort.

Remember, a successful adaptation is the result of proper preparation and quality performance.