Helpful Home Improvement Tips: 5 Commonly Overlooked Questions to Ask Your Contactor

Helpful Home Improvement Tips: 5 Commonly Overlooked Questions to Ask Your Contactor

These 5 questions are commonly overlooked when hiring a contractor.


Hey everyone. Tyler here for another video question of the day where I take some of the most commonly asked questions about home improvement and contractors and I answer them for you right here on youtube, and today I’m going to list some things that you probably didn’t think to ask your contractor before hiring him.

We all have a list of questions that we are going to ask our contractor. These probably have to do with licensing, insurance, bank information and references; but what about those under the radar questions that most people don’t think to ask? I have a list here of some of these questions that can really help determine who you choose as the contractor for you.

Is the price you’ve given me an estimate or a fixed cost? One of the things you really should do is shop around for a contractor and get some bids on the project. A lot of these contractors will quote you a price but leave out whether this cost is fixed or just an estimate. You would assume that it’s an estimate, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you get three numbers and one of them is a fixed cost it may help you determine who to hire.

Can you itemize your costs for me? If your contractor can break down the price you are paying him into each individual item or job then it really helps you understand why your project costs the price he quoted you. If you get multiple contractor to do this for you you can use it as a way to try and negotiate a cost with your contractor…but be careful on that one cuz a lot of contractors don’t like negotiation and most don’t even do it at al.

Where do you get your materials? A lot of contractors have exclusive deals with local lumberyards or paint shops, and while this is good for the shop and your contractor it might not be good for your wallet. Make sure that you know where your contractor is getting his materials from so that you know if he is buying locally, from a warehouse, or just from a local Home Depot. You should never be asked to supply the materials for the job, but if you have a certain place that you like or if you know of a place that’s cheap you are well within your rights to do that.

Do you do the work yourself? A lot of people use the word contractor and handyman interchangeably when there is, in fact, a difference. If your contractor isn’t going to be the one doing the work, if he just hires a handyman to do it, then you can probably cut out the middleman and just go straight to the handyman and hire him yourself. This will end up saving you time and money.

Do you use to ensure my money is safe and secure? Ok this really isn’t one of the questions to ask, but it never hurts to have an extra precaution against scam artists does it?

If you have any other questions that you ask that you think would be good to add to my second list of questions, be sure to tell me! Either here on youtube or on facebook. Like us while you’re at it too. For this has been Tyler….build safe out there.